aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

The rule of truth

The first rule of science is, The truth shall be told all the time. Once you start fudging your data, even for a "good" cause, you're not doing science any more.

The first rule of theology is, The truth shall be told all the time. Once you start trying to avoid saying what makes you uncomfortable, you've already started making up your own religion, which will not set anybody free.

The first rule of personal healing is, The truth shall be told all the time. It is not until you start calling things by their right names that you can free yourself from the chains and wounds of dysfunctional relationships and self-deception.

Truth is hard, but deception is infinitely harder. Truth is painful, but deception is infinitely more painful. If you don't know what the truth is, investing yourself in the answer that you like best doesn't make it true.

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