aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Block Party

Our happy crew traveled down to Springville this evening for their annual block party sponsored by the Scouts. The event was held in the old Springville gym, which is a nice facility. The Venturers provided chili, hot dogs, and nachos for donations and made a small profit. The oldies station was blasting away on the PA. The fun included a magic show, door prizes, face painting, cornhole, a friendly drug-sniffing dog and his handlers, and VIP guest Smokey the Bear. The DNR officer talked Rachel into wearing the bear costume. Michael and Ben won the cornhole tournament. It was a fun event all the way around. Looking over the pictures after I got home, though, it occurs to me that I have a very large number of pictures of youth cooking. Hmmm . . .

Rustling up the eats Rustling up the eats Springville Block Party
Left holding the bags Left holding the bags Kevin ran the cornhole tournament
Smooth dancin' Smooth dancin' As funky as lumpy yogurt
Smokey makes an appearance Smokey makes an appearance Rachel bears all for the Crew
What form, what grace What form, what grace Or was it, "What form? What grace?"
Rawr Rawr Dakota and Ben in tiger paint


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