aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

No Religious Test

A lot of hraffing and hrumphing is going on these days in the Presidential campaign over religion. Gov. Rick Perry is being called upon to completely dissociate himself from his embarrassing supporter, the Baptist preacher who called Mormonism a "cult." Just saying he doesn't agree isn't enough, say many folks, and not just in the campaigns of Perry's competitors.

Well, look. What part of "no religious test" for public office do you not understand? Nobody running for office is required to belong to or believe in anybody else's religion. And on the other hand, nobody running for office is required to affirm that Mormonism is NOT a cult, or to dissociate himself from somebody who says it is (beyond dissociating himself from his comments). So long as Gov. Perry treats Gov. Romney with respect and corrects those who put words in his mouth, nobody has to spend any time on this, But just as Rev. Jeffress shouldn't be allowed to put words in Gov. Perry's mouth, so neither should any pundit or candidate expect to put words in Gov. Perry's mouth.

What does all this blather about Mormonism contribute to the Republican Party or the country or the public discussion of political platforms?

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