aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Way down yonder in the paw-paw patch

My weekend backpacking trip got canceled, but I had already arranged to take a Sunday off. So I hied myself over to the cabin for a personal retreat of sorts. Slept nine hours each night (not counting getting up to take care of business, which we middle-aged men do more than we'd like to admit). It drizzled a fair bit, but it was still wonderful. The quiet was profound. The woods were beautiful. I feel refreshed.

I plucked two paw-paws (all that were left, I'm afraid). I went into town (Cincinnati and Lawrenceburg) to run some errands. I was not rushed, for a change. Spending two nights in the holler, as opposed to one, made a great difference in how I used my time and how I felt coming back. I need to do this more often.

Morning fog lifting off Akes Hill Morning fog lifting off Akes Hill
Seating in Toad Hall Seating in Toad Hall
Paw-paws Paw-paws
Evening sky over Wilderstead Evening sky over Wilderstead


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