aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

On-line NAUMS Board Meeting

Beginning September 19, members of the Board of Directors of the National Association of UM Scouters are invited to enter this post by clicking on this link: .
Note: If you took the link that brought you directly here, instead of to my LJ Current Entries page, there is no link to click on.

Welcome. LiveJournal is a way of holding a discussion where the entire back-and-forth is available for review, and a permanent record is kept of everybody's comments.

I would suggest that Pres. Bob C. be the primary direct commenter on THIS post; that is, he may initiate discussion of various agenda items by clicking the reply link to this post, below. He may post several comments and start several agenda items at his discretion. That way, he keeps control of the meeting.

Other Board members may reply to any of his comments by clicking on the reply link for that comment. Board members may also reply to each other's comments. Unless you have an LJ account, you are all posting "anonymously," which means you need to sign your name to your comments or we can't tell who you are. If any intruders blunder in and post irrelevancies, I can delete them, since this is my LJ.

Discussion runs in "threads" as people comment on each other's comments. When a particular discussion has pretty much run its course, Bob can call for a vote on that item -- I suggest by commenting on Bob's comment that started that thread. Voting can be by everybody posting a vote as a comment; alternatively, it would be easier for Bob to ask for unanimous consent, which means that if nobody objects by date X, the issue is decided.

Attendance is simply a matter of everyone in attendance posting a comment at least once. At the end, we should be able to tell easily who attended. When Bob thinks a motion to adjourn would be in order, he can post a comment to this original posting to that effect; by unanimous consent, if nobody objects by date X, the meeting is over.


-- Art

P.S. If you like this method of running an on-line meeting, I would be happy to start a NAUMS LiveJournal community. This would allow us to hold on-line meetings by this method in a secure manner, by making the post that opens the meeting restricted to NAUMS Board members. Other posts would be for public reading, and anyone interested in our ministry could join our LJ community and keep up on NAUMS's doings.
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