aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Stand up, stand up for Jesus

I will be at Zionsville UMC this evening (7:00 p.m., I think) for a three-way bit of theological mud wrestling. It is my honor to represent Christianity in a debate with the co-President of the Freedom from Religion Foundation (former Pentecostal preacher and current atheist Dan Barker) on the proposition offered by his organization, "Resolved: you can be good without God." Rounding out the debaters is a local Rabbi.

There will a Moderator, whose job is to ask pointed questions of each of the participants, and there will be some audience participation. I gather that the FRF folks will be out in force, and the local UM folks will be, too. This event is open to the community, and you are invited to attend.

You are also asked most sincerely to pray for me, that I will be at my best. I don't need to win, since the proposition is Mr. Barker's to sustain. And merely winning with dazzling rhetoric would be pretty pointless, anyway. I don't see this as apologetics (or even polemics) so much as it is a chance for me to explain what the Gospel actually is.

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