aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

The tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth

My dentist has finally retired. He is the only regular dentist I've ever gone to. I first went to him 41 years ago. It cost $2 to have my teeth cleaned and checked back then.

His office was three and a half hours away from here, but I kept going back. For a long time, we kept him as our dentist because he was only 15 minutes from Nana and Grandbear, so we could usually combine a visit to the dentist with a visit to them. (Besides, up until ten years ago, we were usually only an hour or two away from his office. That, and the fact that this has been one of the most stable relationships in my vagabondish life.)

Nana died in '87, and Grandbear in '98, but I kept going to Dr. Benjamin. Our kids grew up and left home. collinsmom's HMO of the time wouldn't cover his practice, so she got a local dentist. But I'm a creature of habit, and I didn't feel like looking for somebody new. I always said that when Dr. Ben finally retired, I'd go somewhere else. And now the time has come.

I feel like I ought to send him a retirement gift or card or something.

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