aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

I may be standing up front, but it's not me who's talking to you

Deanne asked me if I had anyone in particular in mind in delivering the sermon I did this morning. It certainly seemed to have hit home with several folks. I replied that since I originally wrote that sermon for Labor Day weekend in 1983, I certainly couldn't have had anyone in my current congregation in mind.

Besides, I gave up trying to address particular people in my preaching. The person you think you're talking to is bound to be absent that day -- or tell you what a good job you did givin' it to those other sinners. Then, too, I've found that a good sermon is bound to hit somebody, which is why I don't do much editing on my old sermons. Some were preached to university churches, and some to coal-miners. But both groups need to hear what was said to the other.

As ol' Karl Barth said, you throw the Word like a rock, and let it hit what it will.

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