aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Tired, but content

Went over to Wilderstead Tuesday evening for a personal retreat. Got some good work done on my fall sermons. Also got to spend two nights in the cabin, plus have dinner with Zach Randall over in Northern Kentucky.

Did some touch-up painting at the cabin around doors and windows, plus painted the new handrail. Laid out the area to be excavated at the building site. Mowed and trimmed so you could actually get at the area to be excavated. Laid 50 more block in the retaining wall.

Drove home to find that a parishioner had several stents put in yesterday, so I shaved and betook myself to the hospital. Got a 10-mile hike to lay out tonight for Saturday afternoon. Deanne and I scored some tickets to the Colts-Packers game at Lucas Oil Stadium tomorrow night.

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