aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

If it moves, salute it.

If it doesn't, paint it.

Today was a day for painting. Foremost among the jobs was the handrail I installed out front. I'm not thrilled with Lowe's attempt to match the old paint I used for trim; it looks more olive drab than jade (the original colors was actually called "Chive"), but what the hey. At least it's done.


Finished handrail
Movin' right along

I also painted the cabin door, which is to be taken out to the holler. And, I got some Rustoleum silver paint and used it to recondition our old steel library cart, which we hope to give a new life to as a TV cart.

I need to do some mowing, as well as some sawing of boards. But you don't want to mow or saw on a day you're slapping paint around, so those jobs'll have to wait a bit.
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